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“Adurs” screening stopped in Telangana theaters

“Adurs” screening stopped in Telangana theaters

Reacting to certain comments made by Kodali Nani, presenter of the film “Adurs”, T-activists throughout Telangana raided the theatres showing the film and forced the exhibitors from screening the film. At some places, the posters and cutouts of the film were torn and burnt. The Telangana Exhibitors Council decided to stop showing the film in theatres. The T-JAC gave a call to the people to boycott the film.

Meanwhile, MAA, the Film Chambers and AP Producers Council dissociated themselves from the comments made by Kodali Nani saying that they are his individual remarks and nothing to do with the film industry as a whole.

Incidentally, Kodali Nani is a TDP MLA and a member of the JAC for united Andhra Pradesh.3

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