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Adugu Movie Review

Adugu Movie Review

Adugu Movie Review

Debutant director’s effort boomeranged

Film production was once a passion. It needs lots of efforts. During the pre-production stage, the producer and director should make a lot of exercise on the selection of a good story, the necessary locations, the artistes and technicians. Earlier, a film used to go to sets only after getting a perfect script in all respects. But these days, the producers and director gave a goby to

Adugu Movie Review

Adugu Movie Review

the story and are launching the films with just a storyline in mind and they used to develop the script to suit their convenience. Moreover, the selection of artistes is not according to the story, but stories are being written to suit the image of a particular hero. When it comes to the novices, the directors are taking things further casually. If a producer is ready to invest money, several technicians start flocking around them with different storylines (subjects) and for debutant producers and heroes, any story appears great. When it comes to presentation, the real colours would emerge.

Samar (Samarendra) is the only son of a multi-millionaire called Mahendra Varma (Suman). He loses his mother (Sudha) in his childhood and was fondly brought up by his father. Samar returns from abroad after higher studies and bequeaths the entire property worth around Rs 200 crore belonging to his mother as per her will. Once Samar and Mahendra go to a temple where they come across Anjali (Richasoni) and Samar loses his heart to her. Anjali is the sister of a police

Adugu Movie Review

Adugu Movie Review

officer called Surya (Surya). Later, he gets a chance to save Anjali when a trickster Dhoolpeta Srinu (Chitram Sreenu) tries to tease her. Their friendship grows and turn into love. At this juncture, Samar escapes from a murder attempt right in front of Surya. Surprisingly, the bullet was fired from the licensed revolver of Mahendra. A few days later Samar, Anjali and their friends go for a trekking trip to Araku and Samar escapes one more murder attempt. But this time, Samar attacks the killers but somehow they escape. While escaping they leave behind a mobile phone and when Samar picks it, he gets a call from Mahendra. Samar grew suspicious as to why his father making attempts on his life. Surya suspects that his father is trying to kill him for property. Samar’s suspicion gains strength, when he finds some acid mixed in the milk served to him by his father. On top of it, Samar happens to see Mahendra with another woman and a girl and comes to a conclusion that Mahendra is trying to kill him for that woman and girl. But Anjali advises him to stay cool and first enquire how they are related to his father. Then Samar comes to know that it was the family of one of Mahendra’s friends who saved him from death when Samar’s mother dies in a fire accident, and died in the same accident. With this Samar realises that his father is an innocent. Who was making attempts on his life? Why that killer wants to fix Mahendra in the murder attempts? Did Samar able to trace the brain behind the murder attempts? Did the murder attempts are being made to grab the property of Samar or not? Answers to all these questions form part of the climax.


Samarendra is a novice to camera. Though it was crystal clear that the film was made only to promote him as hero, he did not take necessary precautions before facing the camera. He should

Adugu Movie Review

Adugu Movie Review

have learnt the basic acting skills and how the body language should be in various scenes. Just because one had some ease in dances, he could not become a hero, especially when he was supposed to dance at the direction of a choreographer by facing the camera. He still needs to improve his acting skills, dialogue modulation and also the body language to remain in the film industry. Richa Soni is average in looks and she too had no acting capabilities. Generally, in most of the Telugu films, the heroine remains a glamour doll and need to shake legs with the hero. But one needs to perform at least in a couple of scenes whenever the situation demands. This is lacking in the girl (heroine). Suman, with all his seniority, took the cake by putting up good performance. Though the director failed to etch the villain’s character properly, Rao Ramesh Rao is okay in the negative role. But, unfortunately, his character remained a comedy villain. Comedy by Master Bharat, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Ali and MS Narayana was not up to the mark and none of them could tickle the funny bone of the audiences.


When it comes to the technical crew, who work behind the screen, Jeevan Thomas is the only technician, who could impress the audiences with a couple of good tunes, but not all the songs. However, those tunes are also average to listen but the audiences could not remain in the theatre, as the choreography of any of the songs are good to watch. The choreographers should take the blame, for presenting the hero with half-naked body in a couple of songs, though it was not at all impressive. Camera work by Sudhakar Reddy is also not up to the mark, while editing by Marthand K Venkatesh is average because the direction of the film is very rubbish and Marthand should have struggled a lot to give the scenes a better shape. Action by Satish is just okay. This film has a debutant director called Veeraprasad. Though he gained experience in direction by working as associate to Dr Dasari Narayana Rao and Sreenu Vaitla, he could not make out the film properly. Picturising some scenes in bits and pieces and trying to join them could not be called a direction. He should have a vision about the entire subject. Moreover, the screenplay for the film was also penned by him which is atrocious and has no meaning. Especially, the director should be blamed for his erratic screenplay,


Several love stories, several stories with property disputes came on the Telugu screen and the Telugu audiences were bored of watching the same subjects. Unless the director uses a novel idea to impress the audiences, he can’t attract the audiences. Just to promote a hero, if one makes a film, it has to be watched by his family alone and they cannot expect general audiences for such films. The director failed to highlight the father-son sentiment thread properly, especially because of immaturity and at the same time, the below par performance of the hero added fuel to the fire.

Cast: Samarendra, Richasoni, Suman, Rao Ramesh Rao, Benarjee, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Ali, MS Narayana, Chitram Sreenu, Sudha and others.

Story – Bommakanti Sudhakar, Dialogues – Tirumalasetty Sudhakar and Srinivas, Camera – Sudhakar Reddy, Editing – Marthand K Venkatesh, Action – Satish, Music – Jeevan Thomas, Presents – Bommakanti Sudheer Babu, Producer – Bommakanti Madhavi, Screenplay and direction – Veeraprasad Neelam

Banner: Madhavi Art Productions

Review by Aparichithudu

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