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Admissions Open Movie Review

Admissions Open Movie Review

First 3 IDIOTS. Then PAATHSHAALA. Now ADMISSIONS OPEN, which, like the above-mentioned films, takes a look at the present-day education system. The thought behind ADMISSIONS OPEN is very topical – let the youth pursue their vocation/ambitions/dreams – but director K.D. Satyam makes a complete mishmash of a terrific idea and you can’t help but feel sorry for those who might stroll into the cineplex to look for answers.Let me put it bluntly:

ADMISSIONS OPEN makes a mockery of the education system. Those expecting to watch a serious, issue-based film will be reeling under a shock. Like I am! The director has no clue about what it takes to make a film. This film falls to unimaginable lows in terms of writing, characters and storytelling.

Admissions Open Movie Review

Professor Tariq Siddiqi [Anupam Kher] is disappointed with the orthodox education system and hopes to start a college, which lets students chase their dreams. Arjun [Ankur Khanna] is an under-achieving student who doesn’t believe in the grading system. He feels his creativity and individuality are stifled by the current education system.

Since they posses the same perception towards our stereotype education system, they decide to go against to it and form an abstract pattern of education system to encourage the failure students of our society.

Admissions Open Movie Review

10 minutes into the film and you know ADMISSIONS OPEN is heading nowhere. Characters appear and disappear, there’s no high or low in the story and sadly, no conclusion that could give you the answers. The students have a bizarre mindset and what makes matters worse is that the institute that they are proud to be part of, SPIRIT, offers classes in bhaigiri, godmen, script writing, cookery, seduction, politics, music… And they all graduate into seasoned professionals after SPIRIT is shut by the government authorities. Really, what kind of cinema is this?

Admissions Open Movie Review

Amit Trivedi’s music is a letdown. Ditto for the performances. What did Anupam Kher see in this role? Ashish Vidyarthi hams. Ankur Khanna is decent. Pramod Moutho and Sudesh Berry are as usual. The newcomers are complete non-actors and the less said the better about their acting skills and pronunciation/diction.

On the whole, ADMISSIONS OPEN doesn’t enlighten or entertain.

The Cast and Crew

Ankur Khanna,anupam kher, Arshi,ashish vidyarthi,Dushyant Raj Bhardwaj,Master Abhishek Sharma,Pramod Moutho,rati agnihotri,Ravi Pandey,Sudesh Berry
Director : K. D. Satyam
Producer : Mohd. Israr Ansari
Music By : Amit Trivedi

The Rating

1 out of 5

Review By Taran Adarsh

Source by :http://www.bollywoodhungama.com

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