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Adhinetha Movie Review

Adhinetha Movie Review

Adhinetha Movie Review

The Film
Adhinetha, deals with the plot of a common man becoming a politician and occupying the chair of the chief minister. However, a political leader has to have most of what is now widely known as Leadership Qualities.

Adhinetha Movie Review

Adhinetha Movie Review

It is not enough to be a Good Samaritan and hate corruption and indulge in bashing the bad guys like a good-hearted rowdy-sheeter.

Man is a political animal, said Aristotle. No politician can become an effective politician or even evolve into a statesman without diligent exposure to Political Science and the Art of Possibilities.

The Synopsis
Suryaryanarayana (Jagapathi Babu) is, by present standards, an unproductive youth who is considered a failure. Recommended by MLA Sriramulu (Paruchuri Gopalakrishna), at the behest of Suri’s parents (Chalapathi Rao and Annapurna), Suri gets the job of PA to the Chief Minister (Ahuti Prasad). From his vantage point, Suri gets the opportunity of the level of corruption in the corridors of power.

Suri falls in love with Rajeshwari (Shraddha Das) and even before his romance fructifies, MLA Sriramulu is killed by the henchmen (Anand Raj an Co) of the CM. The dying MLA an oath asks Suri to become a professional politician.

Suri gets elected as an independent MLA and by a curious conspiracy of circumstances becomes the CM. He assigns police officer Hamsa (Hamsa Nandini) a special task and she gets killed in the line of work. The ex-Cm is plotting Suri’s downfall. The murderers of MLA Sriramulu are still scot free.

The rest of the story deals with how Suri retains the position of CM by overcoming the hurdles created by the villains.

The Performances

Adhinetha Movie Review

Adhinetha Movie Review

Jagapathi Babu is his usual self, but his performance suffers from the limitations imposed by a badly etched characterization of his role. Shraddha Das is just a glamour prop while Hamsa Nandini has something to do as a police officer. Ahuthi Prasad is maturing as a fine actor with each film. Parachuri is decent and credible in his role as a politician with integrity. The villains Anand Raj and company look sufficiently vicious. All other actors are adequate in their roles.

The Techniques
You cannot have a subtle political drama in the mainstream cinema format. A future leader of men would not in indulging in dancing away to glory with a pretty lass and roughing up the rogues like an ordinary no-self-control-filled rough-neck.

Samudra’s treatment of the story is sedate and his presentation is lackluster. Even his direction is old fashioned and lacks innovation. The story and screenplay are utterly predictable and robs you of any interest to watch the film.

All the technical departments delivered standard levels of output but fail to get noticed because of poor screenplay.

Adhinetha Movie Review

Adhinetha Movie Review

The Verdict
Adhinetha appears to have been born out of the greed to encash the election mania but the director has forgotten that as a medium of entertainment the cinema should be so narrated that the audience is spurred into attentive viewing.

There is no need to rush to theatres to have a glimpse of Adhinetha.

The Cast and Crew
Jagapathi Babu, Shraddha Das, Hamsa Nandini, Neelima, Ahuti Prasad, Anand Raj, Paruchuri Gopalakrishna, Chalapathi Rao, Annapurna, Sivaparvathi, Krishna Bhagawan etc..
Music: Srikanth Deva
Camera: Prasad Babu
Producer: K K Radhamohan
Banner: Sri Satya Sai Arts
Director: V Samudra

The Rating
2 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

1 poor 2 average 3 good 4 very good 5 excellent

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