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AD Filmmakers Enacted Piracy Stunt

AD Filmmakers Enacted Piracy Stunt

In one of the most shocking findings reports are emanating that the entire episode of Attarintiki Daredi original version getting leaked online finding its way to torrents, is stage managed by filmmakers.

Vijayawada Police on condition of anonimity said the entire episode could be cheap publicity stunt who have invested huge amounts of money in the film. Police are arriving to this conclusion after they found that the CDs seized from various video parlours and shops contained nothing. All those turned out to be blank CDs with only Attarintiki Daaredi name sticker.

Insiders say Police found no evidence that the CDs contained pirated versions of the film. Police conducted raids after protests from Pawan Kalyan fans who attacked some shops at Pedana, Machilipatnam. Police says “It looks like that some of the local CD makers played the trick to cash in on the craze among the fans by packing the CDs just with promos and audio release function visuals.” Police feel fans attacked VCD parlours after finding empty CDs.

Police suspect foul play by Attarintiki Daaredi filmmakers as they fear they couldn’t find enough theaters due to competition from NTR jr‘s Ramayya Vastavayya releasing the next day. So to advance the release of the film on some or the other pretext, they enacted this piracy drama.

Police observed “We can’t rule out that it (controversy over pirated CDs) might have planned to advance the release date,”. If this turns out to be true then movie lovers feel cheated by the filmmakers for playing with the emotions especially with that of fans.

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