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Action 3D First Look Creating Sensation

Action 3D First Look Creating Sensation

Allari Naresh, Kick Shyam,Vaibhav,Raju Sundaram Action 3D which was released yesterday is creating sensation. The film directed by Anil Sunkara and the film makers showed that their film will be different from others with the creative first look.

They showed what one should expect from their 3D film as it has only half of Naresh’s face and even that has some creativity. At the first instance one gets the feeling that Naresh is looking towards us but a close look shows his face is totally turned to one side which itself is the 3D effect. Bappu and Bappa Lahari are the music directors for the film while Thaman is involved in rerecording as well as tuning a song. Film stars beauties Kamna Jethmalani, Neelam Upadhyaya, sneha ullal and is releasing in May.

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