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Abbai Class Ammayi Mass Movie Review

Abbai Class Ammayi Mass Movie Review


Varun Sandesh who is MD of Sri Soft is female fearer. He is against marrying Anjali who is MD of Anjali group of Companies KK (Ahuti Prasad) daughter Anjali, to save his company from financial crunch. To resolve his problem Sri’s friend Hrishikesh Mukherjee (Srinivas Reddy) arranges a call girl Neetu( Hari Priya) who visits an MLA (Banerjee). His last target turns out to be Neetu. Whats her relation with the Scandal?Did Varun marry Anjali (Daughter of KK)
Rest of the story on screens

Plus Points
Hari Priya

Minus Points
Screen play
Low pace
Lack of comedy

Abbayi Class Ammayi Mass” is remake movie from Hollywood Pretty Woman featuring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts .But he fails narration of the film may be an unrealistic, cliché-ridden story, a fairy-story in modern dress, but, like “Manmadhudu”, it does not have some entertainment or emotional depth.Except for songs and few dialogues, there is nothing good about this movie, everything is horrible, without any single redeeming value. All about it was boring and lame. This has to be the most boring, unimaginative, dullest romantic comedy made in recent times.

Production values of Lakshman Cine Visions are quite bad. Editing should have been better. Music of Sekhar Chandra is the only saving grace with good tunes for Manasulo na, Silk Cheera and Emo Emo. Cinematography by Sai Sreeram is below standard. Some dialogues are ok.


Avoid the film at any cost

The Rating
1.5 out of 5

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