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Aanandha Thaandavam Movie review

Aanandha Thaandavam Movie review

Aanandha Thaandavam Movie review

The Film

Ananda Thandavam is about human relations. And it is complexly simple to know that one has to be a human being to comprehend that the other is also one more human being who deserves the luxury of a relationship.

Aanandha Thaandavam Movie review

Aanandha Thaandavam Movie review

The title Ananda Thandavam is misleading to say the most. According to Indian Philosophy, Ananda Thandavam is the Dance of Lord Shiva, the very vibration of life and Lord Shiva is defined as HE+SHE( gender bias intended), the she being Parvathi.

The Synopsis

This film is an indecently picturised AV format about human relationships. Basically, inhuman minds have no business to use the celluloid media to express their take on human relationships.

Most male youngsters think LOVE means an attraction, an affiliation and an ardent infatuation towards another female of his choice, irrespective of her choice. And that emotional tsunami power to ejaculate is a compulsion, a standard biological and evolutionary urgency to reproduce and leave the progeny to its destiny.

If someone mistakes that emotional compulsion as love, he/she can only abuse him/her-self and that is not life or the practice of living.

Aanandha Thaandavam Movie review

Aanandha Thaandavam Movie review

The English Dictionary defines LOVE as :
• a deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness.
• a feeling of intense desire and attraction toward a person with whom one is disposed to make a pair; the emotion of sex and romance.
• sexual intercourse.
• a love affair.
• an intense emotional attachment, as for a pet or a treasured object.
• a person who is the object of deep or intense affection or attraction or even endearment.
• an expression of one’s affection and affiliation
• a strong predilection or enthusiasm with the language of love plus the object of such an enthusiasm
• Love Mythology. Eros or Cupid or Manmadha

Now,let us go back to the so-called synopsis of the story of the film.

Raghu (Siddarth), Madhumati (Tamannah), Radhakrishna (Rishi) and Rathna (Rukmini) form an irregular quadrilateral of fractured relationships. That is the theme of Ananda Thandavam or lack of it.

Can you date someone today whom you dated once upon a time? Does not obsoleteness encompass love itself? It does not, confirmedly, particularly, when you love yourself or your needs or someone else or his-her life without knowing what love is?

Aanandha Thaandavam Movie review

Aanandha Thaandavam Movie review

The Performances

When you write a story, you have to compulsorily delineate the characterization of the central roles. Finding a reckless cash-rich producer, merely drafting artistes and grouping them, while groping in the darkness of cinematic mystery, will never make a film.

What can the artistes, rich in talent, perform in a poor storyline?

The Techniques

The less said about them, the better, No doubt, the technicians had gone through their routines of their skilled techniques. But, of what use?

When the product is not just insipid, but outright stupidity, what can anyone do anything about it?

Aanandha Thaandavam Movie review

Aanandha Thaandavam Movie review

The Verdict

Why would anyone like to encounter mindlessness? Go and watch this film if you think your purse holds only rags and not purchasing-power-enabled currency.

The Cast and Crew

Tamannah, Siddardh, Rukmini, Rish, Kitty, and others

Story: Sujatha

Dialogues: Shashank Vennalkanti

Music: G V Prakash Kumar

Lyrics: Vanamali, Bhuvana Chandra, Suddala Ashok Teja

Art: Tota Tharani

Cinematography: Jeeva Shankar

Action: V T Vijayan

Produced by: D Suresh

Presented by: V Ravichandran

Banner: Aascar Film (P) Ltd

Screenplay and directed by: A.R. Gandhikrishna

The Rating

0.5 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

1 poor 2 average 3 good 4 very good 5 excellent

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