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Aamir Khan to sing in Dhoom 3

Aamir Khan to sing in Dhoom 3

Now that Aamir Khan is on board as villain in Dhoom 3, producer Aditya Chpra and music director Pritam want Aamir Khan to sing the signature tune of the film.

Obviously, Aamir agreed to sing and had a couple of sittings with Aditya and Pritam. The song will be unique and YRF wants a great publicity mileage for Dhoom 3 by making Aamir sing after 13 years.

Aamir’s first and last song was the chart buster Aati Kya khandala composed by Jatin-Lalit for the film Ghulam.

It is not clear whether the Dhoom 3 song will be rendered solo by Aamir or whether he will be accompanied chorus singers or any other female singer.

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