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Aamir Khan on Facebook may start online fitness regime

Aamir Khan on Facebook may start online fitness regime

A group on social networking website facebook calls itself ‘Affiliation: Actor, Location: Mumbai, India, Birthday: March 14, 1965’. The number of people who like this page, is an astonishing 248,170 people. It is Aamir Khan’s facebook page.
Aamir has now planned an online health club on his blog and facebook page where he would be keep one and all updated about his health and fitness regimen while he answers questions about films and gives diet suggestions.

On May 15, 2010 Aamir posted the following message on his page “Visited my dietician today. You don’t want to know what he said to me. I certainly don’t want anyone to know. I really need to get back into shape. Enough partying and revelling in the success of 3I. So Monday onwards back to my diet and workout. Support guys, I need your support and encouragement.” And in came hundreds of messages of love and encouragement that eventually inspired a joint effort towards looking good and feeling healthy. The motivated Aamir finally wrote “Ok this fun. Many of you want to know how we can do this. I can’t post more than a certain number of characters here So for those of you who want to join me, in the next 20 mins I will post a plan on my site www.aamirkhan.com, check it out and really go for it. It will be great motivation for me too.”

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