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Aamir Khan gets trained by Tiger Shroff

Aamir Khan gets trained by Tiger Shroff

Tiger Shroff, son of Jackie Shroff, is a protege of Aamir Khan who has taken upon him the responsibility of launching him in Bollywood. Tiger has a gym regime and he has a great toned body.

Now, the shishya has become the guru and viceversa. Aamir Khan who plays the role of a gym owner and circus acrobat in Yash Raj Films’ Dhoom 3, the actor is taking lessons from Tiger to tone up his body and look like the character he plays.

Tiger and Aamir went through some functional and core related workouts. However, Aamir’s personal trainer from US will come to Mumbai soon to chart out a workout timetable.

Meanwhile, Tiger Shroff is pretty happy that he could teach his guru a thing or two about a gym workout regime.

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