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Aamir Khan as a Jury Member for Social Impact Awards

Aamir Khan as a Jury Member for Social Impact Awards

Aamir Khan usually refrains from attending award function but he willingly attended the TOI’s Social Impact Awards. He was the member of jury for honoring the best social welfare initiatives. Aamir was very excited about the awards. Talking to TOI after the award function he said that talking to fellow jury members was awesome. In his words, “these are people of depth, understanding and experience. It was good to understand how their mind works.” When asked about the best International contribution to India, Aamir took the name of Briton Mathew Spacie who started Magic Bus in Mumbai and worked for the empowerment of underprivileged children. He said, “We should measure work like that not by monetary contributions but by the fact that someone has given his life to helping Indians.”

He talked about individuals and organizations which are worth to be awarded but they don’t apply. He said, “People could feel hesitant about applying. It might not be in their DNA to ask to be awarded for commitment.” He added, “You could find the same company or NGO doing good work across sectors. Why not award such a group on merit? ” Aamir said that he wants people working for the good cause to get noticed, “I look at the work. Looking only at result is a marks-oriented approach. It’s important to see the process.”

He further said, “I wonder how much energy goes into making solar equipment.” Aamir said that he was happy when he found the jury concerned about the vital issues. “We agreed on emphasizing sectors, which get little attention, such as manual scavenging and leprosy . It’s vital to acknowledge them. The choice of the leprosy initiative was excellent.”

Aamir Khan is a famous actor but then also he introduced himself by saying ‘I am Aamir’ while meeting the jury members. He said, I am Aamir” to Naresh Chandra, Arvind Panagariya and A P Shah and he didn’t introduced himself this way to Suresh Prabhu whom he thinks is familiar with the star as both are Mumbaikar.

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