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Aamir Khan’s New Mean Dhoom 3 Look

Aamir Khan’s New Mean Dhoom 3 Look

Aaamir khan’s new mean look for Dhoom 3 is revealed. But he wears a hat which hides a new hairstyle, which is close-cropped. Everyone knows that the actor, being a perfectionist, changes his hairstyle and look, for every film so that the look matches the role he plays. Since he is playing a baddie in Dhoom 3, he gets a real villainous look.

Currently, the shooting is in progress and action scenes are being shot on the streets of Chicago where Aamir on a bike is chased by a dozen police cars. For some risky stunts, a body double is being used. These action scenes are designed by Hollywood stuntman Brian Christensen and coordinated by Oliver Keller.

Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra are also participating in the shoot. Both Aamir and Bachchan Jr have hired apartments in Chicago for the shoot and they are staying there with their respective families.

Dhoom 3 is produced by Yash Raj Films and directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya. Music is composed by Pritam.

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