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Aaha Kalyanam Movie Review

Aaha Kalyanam Movie Review

Nani (Shakthi) is a happy-go-lucky guy who is frequently bug by his farmer dad to come back to the village. Shakti(Vani kappor)who unintentionally meets Shruti in a wedding tries to befriend her trying to woo. Shruthi aim is to reach the posh wedding list and reach the standards created by Chandra (Simran). Their company Ghetti Mellam delivers great weddings each time and prospers, but Shruti breaks her own rule and falls for Shakthi, who is too confused to act. But, Shakti who fears the business getting affected due to their relationship tries to nullify her feelings which lead to the fissure in their relation and business as well. What happend next? Did shakthi gains shruthi love? Rest of the story on screens

Plus Points
Lead Pair

Minus Points
Second Half Screenplay
Dragged Pre Climax

Gokul Krishna does a fairly impressive job in adapting the original Hindi version film as his film’s theme ‘Wedding’ is rightly a universal thing. But the film is a failed effort from Gokul Krishna to dish out youth orientation and romantic instead of content. The first half of the film is okay and second half is dragged. The direction and writing in the second half of the film, completely ruins what looked like a decent entertainer from the trailers. The supporting cast is yet another drawback of this film. None of the characters make an impression, as Nani is left by himself to carry the film on his shoulders. Overall the film works to some extent only because of Nani’s star status and talent otherwise Aahana Kalayanam fails at Box office.

Technical works
Production values are ok. Background Score music is good. The art department has done a wonderful job in making this film look rich. Dialogues are extraordinary. Cinematography of Loganathan Srinivasan is of top class. Screenplay And Direction Is not up to mark.

Final Talk
if you watched Hindi Version Band Baaja Baarat then better to skip this film

The Rating
2.5 out of 5

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