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Aa Okkadu Movie Review

Aa Okkadu Telugu Movie Review

Aa Okkadu Telugu Movie Review

The Film

Aa Okkadu is another murder mystery and suspense thriller with needle of suspicion vacillating among all the principal characters.

Aa Okkadu Review

Aa Okkadu Review

The Synopsis

Dr Pavithra (Madhurima), a criminal psychologist and analyst, stays with her father Ramachandraiah (Vijay Chander), a retired judge. She assists the police in unraveling various criminal cases. She is also fighting her own legal battle for her sister’s dayghter. Her sister commits suicide because of harassment from her husband. Her daughter is now staying with Pavithra, whose brother-in-law files a case in the court for the custody of his daughter. Though Pavithra loses the case, her brother-in-law gets killed and the suspicion centers around Parvathi.

Srikrishna (Suresh Gopi) is a criminal lawyer and Bongarala Bujji (Ajay) is his assistant, who is defending the case of a Swamiji, whom Parvathi believes to be fake. Even the Swamiji gets murdered. Pavithra becomes the prime suspect in both these offences.

Then, Pavithra starts receiving threatening calls. The rest of the story deals with the resolving the issue of whodunit and why.

Aa Okkadu Review

Aa Okkadu Review

The Performance

Debutante Madhurima steals the show as she is the central character in the entire plot of the film. Ajay and Suresh Gopi carry on with their roles as they have not been delineated properly.

Nazar and Vijay Chander essay their cameos well. Sunil and Dharmavarapu carry on in their typical styles. All others are quite adequate for their roles.

The Techniques

NS Murthy, making his debut as director, has taken a thriller genre film and made a fairly good job of it. Mixing thrillers with mainstream film format makes the narration less gripping. Aa Okkadu ReviewHowever, the screenplay starts sedately and gains momentum slowly and picks up the necessary grip from denouement to climax, where the finishing line has a twist.
Dialogues lack the punch and that particular slant that aids a suspense thriller. Kamalakar’s cinematography and MR Varma’s editing are reasonable, but should have been crisper to enhance the narration value. Music of Manisharma is hummable.

Aa Okkadu Review

Aa Okkadu Review

The Verdict

This is a crime thriller with suspenseful narration with adequate chills and a climax twist, but the title is misleading. Aa Okkadu might appeal to urban audience.

The Cast and Crew

Ajay, Suresh Gopi, Madhurima, Sunil, Nasser, Dharmavarapu, Vijay Chander and others
Lyrics : Sitarama Sastry, Bhaskarabhatla, Ananta Sriram and Ramajogaiah Sastry,

Music: Manisharma

Dialogues: Surendra Krishna

Action – Ganesh

Cinematography: Kamalakar

Art: Satayanarayana

Editing: M R Varma

Co-producer: Sudhakar Chaganti

Producer: Ganesh Indukuri

Banner: Tolly2Holly Films

Story, Screenplay and Direction by: N.S.Murthy

The Rating
2.5 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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