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A Renowned producer is in 100 Crores Debts

A Renowned producer is in 100 Crores Debts

Many people are realizing their film making dreams by borrowing heavily to make big budget films. According to sources, a renowned producer and distributor borrowed more than 100 crores over the last few years to make a multi-starrer film but unfortunately it turned out to be a flop.
Flops along with huge expenditure on star made him pauper by 60 crores. Many people also say the producer is in life and death gamble as he has bought distribution for big-budget entertainers to the tune of 40-odd crores.
A well known producer commented on his position by saying, “The position of a producer is like mounting a hungry tiger. If he gets down, the tiger would swallow him, so he has to keep ridding and increase his debts.”
It is a lesson for T-town producers to void indulging in exceeding budgets for their films.

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