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‘A Flat’ spooked Jimmy Shergill

'A Flat' spooked Jimmy Shergill

Jimmy Shergill’s upcoming release “A Flat” is a horror flick and the actor was scared after he looked at one of the shots from the movie.

While shooting for a spooky sequence for the film, he gave his shot and went to the monitor to check it. But he got scared after watching the scene as it was very scary.

In the scene, Jimmy was looking at a book and Hazel, who plays a ghost, was standing behind him.

“Hazel was looking so scary that when Jimmy saw the shot on the monitor he got very scared and jumped off his seat,” said a source.

“Jimmy couldn’t believe the shot could have been so scary as it didn’t feel so while enacting that specific shot. He was really very scared after looking at the shot, and his eyeballs grew big,” he added.

Directed by Hemant Madhukar, the film also stars Sanjay Suri, Kaveri Jha and Hazel and is set to release in the first week of October.

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