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A Different Storyline With Seema Backdrop

So far, many films have come with Rayalaseema and factionalism in its backdrop. But Nani’s latest film “Krishnagadi Veera Prema Gaadha” is coming up with a variety subject with Rayalaseema backdrop. The title of the film has the word ‘Gaadha’ (fairy tale) instead of routine ‘katha’ (story).

Surprisingly, the film unit had chosen locations which were never seen in any of the Telugu films so far in Rayalaseema area. The entire film shooting was done in original locations and villages, away from specially erected sets. The hero of the film is a huge fan of Balakrishna. He falls in love with a girl called ‘Mahalakshmi’ right from childhood. However, he could not reveal it either to her or at least to his best friends. The reason is the hero belongs to Rayalaseema backdrop and is known for faction violence and he fears threat to his life if he reveals his love to anyone. However, what ‘Krishnagadu’ did to win the heart of Mahalakshmi is the basic subject of the film. A new face ‘Mehreen’ was chosen for the role as the audiences should see ‘Mahalakshmi’ in the character and not the heroine. The director of the film Hanu, first planned to do the film ‘Andala Rakshasi’ with Nani, as both are good friends. However, Nani refused to do the subject as did not like it because he felt that the story did not suit him. Later, Hanu narrated a couple of stories to Nani. Later, Nani was impressed with this subject and Hanu improvised the story by discussing with the hero. Nani says, ‘Hanu is a very good technician. The audiences could see him and his prowess on the screen in every frame.

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