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8X10 Tasveer Movie Review

8X10 Tasveer Movie Review

8X10 Tasveer Movie Review

The Film
8X10 Tasveer deals with Sixth Sense being good sense and the best common sense unraveling murder mysteries and bringing the culprits under the book of law.

8X10 Tasveer Movie Review

The Synopsis
Jai Puri (Akshay Kumar) is in the prime of his youth and is blessed with extraordinary extra sensory perception. If he looks at an 8X10 photograph of any dead person, he has the mind power to discover the true details of events that had lead to the death of that person.

Jai’s father Jatin Puri (Benjamin Gilani) is a big businessman dealing with trading in oil. He is gifted with the success mantra and loves the good things of life. Jai and Jatin do not see eye to eye and Jai does not stay with his father, because Jatin believes that Jai is wasting his time with his so called super-natural powers and Jai does not like his fathers business ethics or lack of it.

Adit ( Rushaad Rana), a business associate of Jatin, is a friend of Jai and Jatin treats Adit as his son and a likely successor to his business empire. Habibulla Pasha (Javed Jaafri) a former cop and private detective owes his career to the benevolence of Jatin.

Surender Puri (Anant Madhavan), brother of Jatin is a fit-for-nothing-fellow and lives on the doles given by his brother.

8X10 Tasveer Movie Review

8X10 Tasveer Movie Review

Savitri Puri (Sharmila Tagore) is the wife of Jatin and is heartbroken because of the differences between her husband and son.

Anil Sharma (Girish Karnard) is Jatin’s best friend and the legal advisor to Jatin’s business house. Sheela Patel ( Ayesha Takia) is an assistant to Anil and falls in love with Jai and lives with him.

Jatin’s sudden demise makes Jai depressed. But he then discovers a photograph of his father taken on a yacht minutes before his death.

Using his extraordinary powers of ESP, Jai finds that his father is murdered and the rest of the film deals with the unraveling of the murder mystery.

The Performances
Akshay Kumar is brilliant as the man possessing supernatural powers. Ayesha Takia is good as the


8X10 Tasveer Movie Review

quintessential lover. Sharmila Tagore gives a new shade to the role of mother.

Banjamin Gilani is splendid as the businessman showing some similarities of real life Vijay Malya of Kingfisher group. Girish Karnard and Javed Jaafri give mature performances. Anant Madhavan and Rushaad Rana are more than adequate in their roles.

The Techniques
Writer-director Nagesh Kukunoor created an excellent thriller which is very stylistically made with high technical standards. This film reminds you of some of Night Shyamalan’s celluloid classics.

The story and narration, though with a bollywood mainstream touch, makes you sit on the edge of your seat.
The cinematography, theme song of Bohemia and the stunts are the USP of the film.

The Verdict
Rush to the nearest theatre to watch 8X10 Tasveer, which gives you a thrilling yet cool entertainment with red hot visuals and pleasing music.

The Cast and Crew

8X10 Tasveer Movie Review

8X10 Tasveer Movie Review

Akshay Kumar…… Jai Puri
Ayesha Takia…… Sheela Patel
Sharmila Tagore…… Savitri Puri
Javed Jaffrey
Girish Karnad…… Anil Sharma
Anant Mahadevan…… Sundar Puri
Benjamin Gilani…… Jatin Puri
Rushad Rana…… Adit
Utara Pawkar

Singers: Vishal Dadlani, Mohit Chouhan, Tulsi Kumar, Neeraj Shridhar, Bohemia

Lyricist: Irfan Siddique, Sameer, Bohemia

Music Director: Salim Merchant, Sulaiman Merchant, Neeraj Shridhar, Bohemia

Director: Nagesh Kukunoor
Producer: Shailendra Singh
Banner: Percept Picture Company, SIC Productions

The Rating
3.75 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

1 poor 2 average 3 good 4 very good 5 excellent

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