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7th Sense Movie Review

7th Sense Movie Review

The Film

7th Sense has a wonderful premise of genetic memory and a profound theme of the ancient Indian wisdom becoming available for the benefit of modern man. The concept of mind control has been effectively incorporated into the story. The film is lavishly produced with commercial elements of entertainment judiciously mixed with the run of a seriously suspenseful story.

The Synopsis

The film opens with the past, when around 1600 years ago Bodhi Dharma (Surya), a prince of the Pallava dynasty, masters the science of healing and self defense. He goes to China to save the people there from a deadly disease caused by a virus. He teaches them the medicinal practices and martial arts. He is called Dhamu, but he is killed because of a superstition. A temple is built for him in Shaolin

Cut to the present times, Aravind (Surya) works in a circus and falls in love with Subha (Shruthi Hasan) a genetic engineering student who comes to the circus to make some DNA experiments on a monkey. Later it is revealed that Subha is in search of Aravind because he is a descendent of Bodhi Dharma. She wants to revoke the genetic memories of Aravind to bring out the ancient wisdom of Bodhi Dharma.

Meanwhile, the Chinese plan to wage a biological warfare on India. They send an agent Dong Lee (Johnny Tri Nguyen) to India to spread the virus, the same one which Bodhi Dharma conquered in ancient times. Lee injects a street dog with the virus. His next mission is to kill Subha.

Knowing the threat posed by Lee, Subha wants Aravind in a lab to test her thesis and revoke in him the genetic memories of Budha Dharma. Will Subha succeed? Will Aravind regain the mind and memories of Budha Dharma embedded in his genes? Can the deadly virus be contained? Answers to these questions lead to an exciting climax.

The Performances

Surya comes out with a sterling performance in both the roles. His expressive eyes, chiseled body and immaculate martial arts lend credence to his performance. Shruthi Hasan is vivacious and carries her meaty role with conviction and credibility. The Chinese star Johnny Tri Nguyen, on his debut, makes the villain look more vicious and he fills his role with energy and cold fury. All others fit perfectly into their author backed roles.

The Techniques

Murugadoss has come out with a well-knit story based on an credible premise of genetic research and revival of genetic memory which is well within the realms of modern science. His screenplay is gripping. The monologue by Surya before The End is redundant. Dialogues are crisp and meaningful. Music by Harris Jayaraj is good and the songs have not interfered with the flow of the film except one song picturised on Surya after his disappointment in love which could have been avoided.

7th Sense Movie Review

Action sequences by Peter Haines, particularly, the opening fight scene, the climax and the car crashes, are thrilling and exciting. Cinematography is splendid. The editing aids the narration. Sound design is very good. Production values are high.

The Verdict

Murugadoss has audaciously coined the word 7th Sense and he justifies it in the film and it appears scientifically plausible.

The 5 senses are Seeing, Hearing, Smelling, Tasting and Touching. The 6th sense is the Extra Sensory Perception comprising of the faculties of clairvoyance, telepathy, aural projection, telekinesis and levitation.

Murugadoss now ventures a definition of 7th Sense whereby you receive information and knowledge by controlling the minds of others or reviving the ancient memories embedded in DNA. Hats off to his premise; and the message of preserving the ancient wisdom, which he so effectively conveyed through his film.

7th Sense has a novel theme and exciting thrills and frills. Watch the film for Surya’s performance and the novelty of the storyline.

The Cast and Crew
Surya, Shruthi Hasan, Johnny Tri Nguyen, Abhinaya and others
Director: A.R. Murugadoss
Producer: B Subrahmanyam
Music Director: Harris Jayaraj

The Rating
3.5 out of 5

Review by Deen Kumar

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