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7/G Brindavan Colony Soniya Aggarwal is back

7/G Brindavan Colony Soniya Aggarwal is back

Soniya Aggarwal, who made such great impact in the film 7/G Brindavan Colony, was not seen on the screen again. There were rumours that she had a relationship with director Selva Raghavan and there were also reports that she and the director have been separated from their alleged relationship. Whatever be the reasons, Soniya was in oblivion all this time.

Soniya is now making a comeback of sorts with a bilingual Tamil-Telugu film which is woman oriented and is being directed by Rajkrishna. The film is titled Oru Nadigaiyin Vaakumoolam in Tamil.

The comeback actress plays the role of an actor in the film amid the buzz that the film has shades of the actual Soniya-Selva relationship in its plot and narration.

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