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50 Percent Love Movie Review

50 Percent Love Movie Review

The Film
50% Love is dubbed into Telugu from Malayalam movie Apoorva Ragam. The film is a love story with the lovers not sure of what they want –Love or Love for Money.

The Synopsis

Rupesh (Nishan) is in love with his college mate Nancy (Nithya Menon) but he is unable to express his love to her. His close friend Ramesh (Asif Ali) takes the initiative and with the help Narayana (Vinay Fort), a friend of Nancy, brings Rupesh closer to his love interest. Soon love blossoms between Nancy and Rupesh.

When Nancy’s father comes to know about his daughter’s love affair with Rupesh, he makes arrangements to get her married to a groom of his choice. He confronts Rupesh and offers him one crore rupees to leave Nancy and go. Rupesh agrees and takes the money. Rupesh and his friends take off with the money to make merry. There is a hint that Rupesh and his gang indulge in this sort of love affairs with rich girls to make a fast buck.

Suddenly, Rupesh realises that he is truly in love with Nancy. He goes back to return the money and claim Nancy’s love. Will he succeed?

The Performances
It is Nithya Menon all the way and she enthralls with her thespian repertoire. Asif Ali is energetic while Nishan is convincing and Vinay is decent. But all three of them are overshadowed by Nitya. All others don their roles well.

The Techniques
The story has the twist and some more turns in the later half, but the narration is too slow to make the audience take any interest in the proceedings. The reasons for the lover boy changing his mind and his about-turn are not convincing. The dialogues seem to have suffered from translational losses. Music doesn’t help the proceedings. Technical values are very poor.

The Verdict
50% Love loses track as it tries to hang on to a new angle cash-for-love but peters down to the usual commercial formula. Moreover it is too slow to sit through.

The Cast and Crew

Nishan, Asif Ali, Nithya Menon, Vinay Fort
Music Director : Vidyasagar
Producer : KK Radha Mohan
Director : Sibi Malayil

The Rating
2.5 out of 5
Review by Deen Kumar

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