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3 Hollywood films to be shot in India

3 Hollywood films to be shot in India

India is fast becoming a destination for Hollywood production houses because of the beautiful locations and availability of good technicians and equipment. Three films are planned to be shot in the country this year.

Marlon Parry’s film Hope Lost based on the hit comic book series by Jeff Albert will be shot in Mumbai and its surroundings. The film will be directed by Rajeev Virani. The film is an action thriller.

River of Gods is an India-centric film being produced by Anthony Dorment and Susan Cherian. The film is based on a sci-fi novel by Ian McDonald and deals with a futuristic India, inhabited by ancient traditions as well as artificial intelligence, robots and nanotechnology.

The third film to be shot partly in India is Last Bachelor which is an international romantic comedy which is being produced by Lux Entertainment in Britain.

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