20 Factors That Made Eega A Super Duper Hit

20 Factors That Made Eega A Super Duper Hit

Having been in the occupation of writing film reviews, I consider that the following 20 factors/points (strengths) have greatly contributed to the phenomenal success of SS Rajamouli’s Eega which is attracting audience of all ages and classes while surely on the way to become the highest grosser ever at the box office.

1) David Vs Goliath concept…weakling overpowering stronger adversary
2) Extremely diligent character delineation of Sudeep, Samantha and Nani
3) Eega accidentally falling into Sudeep’s house and recognising him
4) Step-by-step development of Eega character into a clever creature and not giving any dialogue to it (making Eega more credible and believable)
5) Interval bang: Eega message to Sudeep — “writing on the wall” concept
6) Eega communicating with Samantha
7) Samantha helping Eega in taking revenge on Sudeep
8) Sudeep getting mad at Eega and crazily telling everyone about Eega taking revenge on him. He can’t tell anyone that he killed Nani who is reborn as Eega (until the pre-climax)
9) Sudeep making Samantha to kill Eega
10) Riveting climax
11) After climax scene where Eega with needle attacks the mo-bike borne eve teaser
12) Gripping screenplay and proper placement of pinch-pause-punch sequences that greatly accelerated the narration flow
13) Appropriate balance of interior-exterior and day-night scenes
14) Scintillating background score
15) Extraordinary performance by Sudeep
16) Very natural movements of Eega and its expression of feelings
17) Vibrant cinematography and editing
18) high quality of VFX
19) Revealing the story before the release of the film, so the audience “know” what the film’s plot is but eagerly awaiting to know “how” Eega takes revenge
(20) Innovative publicity, teasing trailers, unique daily progress report videos keeping the audience on tenterhooks

By Deen Kumar

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4 Responses to “20 Factors That Made Eega A Super Duper Hit”

  1. Srikanth G says:

    U missed about the Background score provided by M.M.Keeravani

  2. Deen Kumar says:

    Hi…Srikanth G, I have not missed background score…please read point No (14)

  3. Gupt Gyan says:

    i feel, sparrows becoming eagles and trying to eat insect eega thru tantra ritual is another point that is fantastic… because it is creating sympathy towards Nani who is eega in this life and facing extinction

  4. Deen Kumar says:

    Gupt Gyan is right…sparrows-turned eagles chasing eega and finally perishing thro eega’s clever manoeuvres should be added as the 21st factor….perhaps eega dancing in the end titles also signifies the elation of the final triumph of David over Goliath.