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20 directors to act in Yandamoori’s Anaithikam

20 directors to act in Yandamoori’s Anaithikam

A new experiment is being attempted in Tollywood. Around 20 Telugu film directors will enact 20 different roles in a film which is being adapted from Yandamoori Veerendranath’s novel Anaithikam. However, all the directors will be seen in mini cameos in the film.

Anaithikam is about the trials and travails of a woman who is unhappy with her married life. She then tries to make her life meaningful by walking out of the marriage but she realizes that her attempts are futile. This novel is strictly not the material for the usual mainstream Telugu cinema like the precious works of Yandamoori.

However, Prem Raj, who is making his debut as director with this film, hopes to adapt the novel Anaithikam into an award winning film.

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