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180 Movie Review

180 Movie Review


P.Jayendra’s debut feature film 180 is heart touching, since the release of its first look on Valentines Day, this marquee has drawn tremendous attention. P Jayendra popularly known as Ad film maker, also co-founded Real Image Media Technologies and brought QUBE technology into cinema, which has changed pace of the cinema over past 20 years and also introduced Avid Editing System,

180 Movie Review

from cutting and sticking film to computer based editing. Earlier, he shot a Carnatic concert film digitally and presented it in the theatres that bought terrific response from people in India and abroad.


Mano(Siddharth), jovial and a guy cares about present and never cares about yesterday and tomorrow. Mano spotted by Vidya(Nitya Menen) in various incidents, where in he always busy in helping needy and she gets closed to him. Apparently she falls in love and expresses it, unhappy with Vidya’s feelings he decides to leave.

Ajay(Siddharth), SFO based doctor by profession, falls in love with Renu(Priya Anand) and they decide to marry. Their happy married life gets disturbed by tragic news, which causes Ajay leave Renu forever.

180 Movie Review

Why Ajay becomes Mano, and what is the tragic news that disturbs his life, to whom Ajay/Mano gets close forms rest of the story.
In and around us, we found so many people who happily enjoys their present moments and never thinks about their past and future.
Some where in the world, there are always some people who lives in sweet memories of their beloved ones and continues to live.
Few people always find happiness in others acts and they want to own this happiness.

Director Jayendra has succeeded in showcasing these three points in lead characters. Looks like Jayendra’s 25 years ad film experience has helped him a lot in filming this marquee. Screenplay by Subha and Jayendra is afresh and narration is class. Cinematography by Subramaniyam is top notch and is of international standards. I am sure nobody till now has captured Water Sprinklings like Subramaniyam did. Music and Original Score by Sherreth is fresh and maintains mood.

180 Movie Review

Performances by lead actors are an asset for this movie and they perfectly suited for the roles. Priya Anand’s performance is to be mentioned. Siddharth is energetic, at his best as usual and bubbly Nitya Menen too gave energetic performance.

Performance by Mauli, Tanikella Bharani and other supporting actors fit in their role. MS Narayana acted in a small role. Mauli as Siddarth’s house owner brings some comedy into the film.


Love, emotions between people bond together, are crafted and captured at its best, in narration by Jayendra, though few parts of it appears dull.

180 is philosophical at its nature, a heart touching and good cinema. Appeals for those who are passionate about cinema and for those who look, cinema at entertainment quotient, 180 may not appeal.

Review by Chetanz (chetan.g@gmail.com)

Rating 3 out of 5

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