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1000 Abaddhalu Movie Review

1000 Abaddhalu Movie Review

Story begins with Sai ram Shankar named as Satya who falls in love with sathya who is already engaged to Samrat.With the help of his friends Sai Ram Shankar impresses Esther. But Tower stat (Naga babu) who is fan of Power Star Pawan kalayan gets in between the budding love. Did sathya accepts satya(sai ram Shankar love? How satya(sairam Shankar) impress her(Esther) rest of the story on screens

Plus Points
Ester Performance

Minus Point
Poor Screenplay
Amateur comedy
Low emotional levels
Routine Story

The first half is okay, the interval block is fine. The second half is a major letdown. The plus points of the film are comedy in parts in the first half and Cinematography. The minus points are screenplay and lack of feel in the script. When one selects such a tender story, it’s very much important to establish the emotions. The emotions are in the film are not very neatly established.


Production values are ok. Rasole Ellore’s Cinematography is good but song placement is bad. Ramana Gogula’s music is good and BGM passes of. Teja failed all with his directionless direction.

Final talk
One out of 1000 Abaddalu don’t appeal

The Rating
2.5 out of 5

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