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“Koffee Bar” nearing completion

“Koffee Bar” nearing completion

“Koffee Bar” nearing completion

Geetha Krishna, who is known to make films on experimental themes like “Kokila”, “Keechuraallu” and “Sankeertana” is now producing and directing a film titled “Koffe Bar” which is simultaneously being made in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada.

The director says that the film takes of from a motley crowd that frequent a coffee bar and deals with the diverse mentalities of young people. He says the theme is based on the mind games people play.

Shashank, Biyanka, Atul Kulkarni, Girish Karnard, Baby Shivani play the principal roles. Music has been composed by Geetha Krishna himself. The film is being shot by RED One camera by MV RAghu and Murali.

“Koffee Bar” is getting ready for release soon.

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