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“Avatar” overtakes “Titanic” collections

“Avatar” overtakes “Titanic” collections

“Avatar” overtakes “Titanic” collections

James Cameron’s sci-fi extravaganza “Avatar” has surpassed his “Titanic” as the highest-grossing movie worldwide.

According to the News Corp-owned studio 20th Century Fox, the worldwide box office total for “Avatar” stands at $1.859 billion, beating the $1.843 billion racked up by Cameron’s romantic drama “Titanic” in 1997-1998. “Avatar” broke the record in a little over six weeks.

The film has enjoyed an unbroken reign in most countries, including the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Russia, Britain, India, China and Australia. 72 percent of worldwide sales had come from 3-D screenings.

“Avatar” is also expected to get a slew of nominations for the forthcoming Oscars.

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