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‘Salman is an Important Part in my Life’

‘Salman is an Important Part in my Life’

Katrina Kaif praises a lot to Salman Khan and she says her journey in life and Bollywood would have been difficult without the “unique” superstar.

According to rumors-Actress Katrina Kaif is dating Top Bollywood Actor Ranbir Kapoor now, said about Dabaang Khan is an “amazing” human being despite reports that she is miffed with the “Salman Khan” for taking a dig at her during Arpita Khan’s wedding last November.

Katrina who was once romantically linked with Salman khan says, “Salman has been an extremely important part of my life and in my process in films. He, his parents and sisters are very good friends of mine. They are amazing people. They are the most respectful people I have ever met.”

At the India Today Conclave session 2015 she said, “He (Salman) is an amazing person. He is very unique. You don’t meet many people like Salman in the world. He will always remain very important part of my life. Without him my journey could have been difficult.”

She also said-“If Salman comes across your path, you don’t be afraid to talk to him and try to strike a conversation with him. He truly is a people’s person. He interacts with people with such a genuine level. He really engages people in a genuine way.”

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