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‘Rajugarintlo 7va Roju’ on Feb. 26

‘Rajugarintlo 7va Roju’ on Feb. 26

Ajay played an important role in a film titled ‘Rajugarintlo 7va Roju’ with Bharat, Arjun, Venkatesh, Akshay and Susmitha in other characters produced by Bharatkumar Peelam on the banner of Bharath Film Factory under the direction of Feroz Raja. The film had completed all the formalities including censor and is slated for release on February 26. Speaking on the occasion, CJ Shobharani of SVR Cinemas says, ‘I felt thrilled after watching the movie. Though all the artistes are novices all of them performed well. The story revolves around four thieves. We are very happy for releasing the film on our banner.’ Director Feroz Raja says, ‘The producer of our film Bharat not only invested money but worked very hard. Our film had several elements including horror, comedy and thriller. Kanishk gave four fantastic tunes for the film besides excellent re-recoding. Everyone in the team supported us and the film would run on a very tight screenplay. Our film bagged U/A certificate from the Censor Board.’ Hero and producer of the film Bharat says, ‘It is a comedy based thriller and horror movie and Feroz Raja directed the film very well. Kanishk too gave fantastic music for the movie. Shobharani too helped us which can’t be forgotten. I thank all the artistes and technicians for their cooperation.’

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