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‘Pk’ Poster is Not Nudity But a ‘Key Art’, Says Amir Khan

‘pk’ Poster Is Not Nudity But A ‘key Art’, Says Amir Khan

The Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan’s next flick is ‘PK’ and the movie hit hard throughout with its very first look. Amir Khan is seen nude in this poster holding a Radio hiding his modesty.

The ‘Mr. Perfectionist’ of Bollywood says it is not nudity but a ‘Key Art’. He denied allegation that this is a publicity stunt.

Amir Khan said, “When you (audience) will watch the film then only you will be able to understand the idea behind (the poster). But I would just like to say that the kind of filmmaker, the kind of writer Rajkumar is, he always tries to present the things, his thinking, in a unique way and that’s why I am his huge fan.”

Amir was spotted trying clear the air for his next flick, in the screening of a Marathi film ‘Saturday Sunday’.

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