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‘Nata Kireeti’ To Play Villain Roles In Near Future

‘Nata Kireeti’ To Play Villain Roles In Near Future

Rajendra Prasad, the legendary artiste, who started his career as a supporting artiste, slowly turned hero. He mastered in comedy roles and proved a comedy hero and gave several sensational hits during his career. After facing certain lean period, he moulded himself to play in character artiste roles and started playing elderly roles, like father of hero / heroines. His character roles in films like ‘Aa Naluguru’ and ‘Mee Shreyobhilashi’ portrayed the real artiste in him. He became a path-shower for many comedy heroes like ‘Allari Naresh’. Though he transformed from the hero roles to character artiste roles, he continued to have four to five projects on hand even now. This versatile artiste, now wanted to test his talent by portraying negative roles henceforth. It is learnt that a popular director had approached him with a negative roles and as experimenting is not new to Rajendra Prasad had agreed to the negative role. If this experiment proved successful, the Telugu audiences could see Rajendra Prasad in negative roles on the lines of Jagapati Babu, who turned from hero to villain. It is worth mentioning here that actors like Mohanbabu and Chiranjeevi first played negative roles and then turned heroes and it is the turn of heroes to turn villains.

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