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‘Naa Pellam… Naa Ishtam’ Turns Into ‘Happy Life’

Naa Pellam... Naa Ishtam’ Turns Into ‘Happy Life’

Posani Krishnamurali and Suhasini (Junior) played the lead in ‘Naa Pellam… Naa Ishtam’ directed by Ramakrishna Virnala and produced by N Devichran on the banner of Sri Gowridevi Cine Chitra. Ramakrishna Virnala not only directed the movie but also played a key role in the film. He says, ‘There is a severe anarchy against women in the present day society. There are several instances of domestic violence. In this backdrop, we have brought out a film as message oriented family entertainer. The performance of Posani and Suhasini would remain a highlight of the movie. As there was a lot of resentment over the title ‘Naa Pellam… Naa Ishtam’ we have changed it to ‘Happy Life’. We are making efforts to release the film as early as possible. Krishna Bhagavan and Visweswara Rao also played key roles in the film. Music is by Ramesh, while story, screenplay, dialogues and direction are by Ramakrishna Virnala.

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