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‘I’ has Olympics with Love and Romance

‘I’ has Olympics with Love and Romance

Shankar’s magnum opus ‘I’ is ready for a grand release on 14th of January. The film features Vikram and Amy Jackson in lead roles. It appears that Rajamouli rightly complained that Shankar gave no clues about the story of the film through various trailer and teasers which were released so far. But now there is a hint about the story for the curious Shankar fans.
The story of ‘I’ is based on Olympic games and also incorporates love and romance. In the film Vikram is portraying dual role, one is of a body builder Lingesham who is aspiring to win Olympics medal for India while the other is a fashion model. This is the rough summary of the film which is unveiled. When we have director like Shankar then it is but obvious that we will get to witness many twists and turns in the story. What is the role played by Amy Jackson and what is the reason behind showing Vikram as a disfigured man? There are many questions of the same type which remain unanswered.

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