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‘Geetanjali’ Audio Launch; All Praises For Brahmanandam.

‘geetanjali’ Audio Launch; All Praises For Brahmanandam.

The audio release functions have been moving on a similar note every time; praising one of the artists or technician. In the latest event, Brahmanandam almost looted all the praises in the function. The moment was to launch the audio of ‘Geetanjali’ in which the senior actress Anjali is playing the key role. Kona Venkat is the producer of this horror-thriller.

Brahmanandam is playing a special character of ‘Saitan Raj’ in the movie. An exceptional song has also been featured on Brahmi which is now promoted as the delightful part for audience.

Almost everyone who had a chance to speak had only one person to pray. Some said that this character of ‘Saitan Raj’ will be the most memorable character of Brahmi’s career. Some said about uniqueness of Brahmi’s talking with ghosts as the most memorable moments.

Later, Brahmanandam said that his talent of making people laugh was a God-given gift and said if he were to be born as an animal in his next life, he would still make his fellow animals laugh.

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