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 ‘A’ Certificate to “Hunterrr”

'A' Certificate to “Hunterrr”

The sex comedy “Hunterrr“, which is scheduled to open on Friday, has been asked by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) to clean up the language in the film.

The sources from the board say-: “The trailer had been passed by the previous CBFC team and it contained a lot of objectionable language. There is nothing we could do about it. However, he language censored in the film was done according to suitability of the theme.”

The sources futher added, “We were aware that Hunterrr was a sex comedy. We went along with the risqué dialogues as much as we could.”

The board suggests that to avoid beeps in the objectionable portions of the dialogue be re-recorded in the soundtrack.

Insider in the production house says-“We were asked to make changes in the dialogues, which we did. It was not that difficult since the actors are relatively less busy.”

The insiders further added, “If the film starred A-listers it would have been impossible to re-do the dubbing. But our very dedicated team of actors Gulshan Devaiah, Radhika Apte and Sai Tamhankar diligently went through the entire dubbing process again”.

it also said, “We’ve substituted lines and words for what was seen by the CBFC as unacceptable verbal content. We’re now censored with an ‘A’ certificate and ready for release.”

The sex comedy “Hunterrr” is scheduled to hit the screen on March 20.

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