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PM assures rice quota to AP

The Centre had reduced AP’s quota from 1,76,000 tonnes per month to 1,31,000 tonnes per month resulting in a deficit

Hyderabad roads are pedestrian death beds

Lack of footpaths, violation of traffic rules and total absence of road discipline among motorists has made Hyderabad the most

Muslims wary of Telangana sentiment

Most of the major Muslim organisations of Andhra Pradesh are wary of the Telangana sentiment which is at play in

Villagers file case on Vizag SEZ

Some of the aggrieved villagers of Gorapudi and Lalam villages of Rambilli mandal in Visakhapatnam district filed a writ

Criminal case booked on TRS Chief

Under the directive of the High Court of Andhra Pradesh, the Police booked a criminal case under Criminal Procedure

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