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Exercise-diet combo prevents Diabetes

It has now been proved scientifically that a judicious combination of exercise and diet can can prevent diabetes.

Chocolate is a Super Food

There is good news to everyone, both children and adults. Chocolate is a better

Spices are good for health

Spices have been used for centuries for their medicinal qualities and researchers continue to study their healing properties.

Drink Water to keep body bio-balance

The human body is a complex organism that has to maintain its biological balance to

Climb Stairs to stay Fit

In view of the mounting pressures of work, many people complain that they are unable

Don’t be angry…It’ll weaken your heart

Do not become angry for every small issue. Do not become anxious about what you are doing or what you intend to do.


Nothing is more paramount than HEALTH in the collective human mind. Every human being,

Healthy diet habits at office

As people spend at least 6 to 10 hours working in office, it is necessary to have a healthy diet while at office.

Eating sprouts is good for health

It is now certain that no prescription for health seems complete without a mention of

Health: Breathing Excercises reduce stress

ot of people in this busy world complain about stress. Normally, stress builds up because of the daily drudgery of work and the strain

Health: How to cut down fat

It is well known that eating food that increases fat in the body causes many

Eat Nuts and Chocolates for a healthy heart

A healthful diet and active lifestyle are some of the best weapons to fight heart disease.Consuming a diet that is low in saturated and trans fats

Health: Medications must be taken with water only

Medications should always be taken with water. Many people have the habit of taking medications

Stretching helps keep good health

Simple stretching excercises will improve appearance, flexibility, health, and overall performance of the body and mind. Excercises that stretch

Health-Tip: Walk-Jog

A morning walk is considered a very good exercise to keep fit and maintain good