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Super Spaghetti to keep heart healthy

A new genre of super spaghetti developed from barley will actually keep the heart

Never use antibiotics to treat cold

Normally every person catches a cold on an average of two to four times a

Kajol’s fitness mantra

Bollywood actress Kajol is known to be a fitness enthusiast and her mantra

Dieting may impair your brain

People undertake severe dieting to reduce weight but too few calories can also impair brain

Coconut water is a healthier drink

Tender coconut water quenches your thirst and is a healthier drink that gives you added

Tomatoes prevent vascular diseases

A research team led by Dr Teruo Kawada, from Kyoto University, Japan, has discovered that

Salt consumption is not dangerous

For a long time, the consumption of salt has been a controversial subject, since the

Eat potatoes to reduce BP

The general view is that potatoes are always linked to fattening, high carbohydrates

Eat Nuts to reduce cholesterol levels

A diet rich in foods, such as oats and nuts, and also milk, tofu and

Zumba: Music fitness routine of celebs

Zumba, an aerobic dance fitness routine set to South American beats, is a Latin dance-inspired

Meditate to reduce stress

The amount of stress a person feels has a direct effect on his/her condition of

Sucheta Rakshit’s Music Therapy

Sucheta Rakshit has a PhD in music therapy and she practices at Allahabad’s Jeevan Jyoti

Simple techniques to be fit and healthy

Here are some simple techniques to stay fit and healthy: • Do not make a

Too much Fruit Juice bad for health

Fruit juice has always been recommended as a healthy food. But researcher Hans-Peter Kubis, of

Left-handers are better than Right-handers?

Mahatma Gandhi was left-handed. And so are Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar and Saurav