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Fitness fanatics are aggressive

London, Oct 17 (IANS) Fitness fanatics are more likely to be aggressive, dominant and highly

Bring Barbie to your bedroom this festive season

Bed sheets, cushion covers of Barbie doll adorning your bed is a thing

Wayne Rooney, wife spotted together

London, Sep 23 : England footballer Wayne Rooney and his wife Coleen have fuelled rumours

Husband faces jail for having sex with sleeping wife

A husband in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, faces a charge of sexual assault and one count of domestic violence

SC concerned with increasing divorce cases

Expressing concern over an increasing number of divorce cases flooding the courts, the Supreme Court observed on Tuesday that the

Astrology becomes popular with professionals

In spite of exhortations from rationalists that astrology is not a science at all, more and more doctors, scientists and

Working parents have no time for kids

A recent survey says that working parents spend not more than 30 minutes a day with their children and fathers

Women work harder than men

Sociologists Elizabeth Gorman of the University of Virginia and Julie Kimec of

Is sex driving people to alcohol and drugs ?

A pan-European study of 1300 people, aged 16 to 35, who routinely

Viagra to face competition from Wonder Pill

Research scientists in Britain have already tested a version of a wonder pill on animals which proved successful. The researchers

A friend in need is a friend indeed…true or false ?

According to a new study by Leipzig University researchers, unlike lofty sentiments or shared interests that inspired friendships in the

Youngsters prefer family ties

The Associated Press and MTV conducted a survey on the nature of

Marriage without children is happier

Prof Daniel Gilbert of Harvard University, having done research on married couples, has said that married life is the key

Watching films helps children’s learning process

A new study by Massey’s School of Educational Studies in Australia has revealed that repeatedly watching favourite films actually helps

Health guidelines for monsoon season

The monsoon season is always a welcome relief after a hot dry spell of summer. However, the rains also bring