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Kantri releases to divided talk

Kantri starring NTR Jr hit the screens today. The film is produced by Ashwini Dutt and directed by Meher Ramesh.

The six pack abs is picking up

After Shah Rukh Khan bared to show his six pack abs in Om Shanthi Om, the trend to look fit

Happy Days Varun in AVM film

Producers M Saravanan and MS Guhan, under their diamond jubilee celebrating AVM banner, are planning to produce its172nd film with

Sentiment rules the roost in Tollywood

Sentiments overrule everything else in the multi-crore Telugu film industry. The debut director Meher Ramesh is pretty confident that his

New look cinema theatres in AP – cinema – tollywood

With Corporate media giants like Adlabs, Pyramid Sai and Suresh Movies are planning to invest huge amounts in the modernisation

Is Parugu linked with Chiru’s political plans?

The film Parugu, starring Allu Arjun and directed by Bommarillu Bhaskar, was released last Friday. Though there is a

Chiranjeevi now ready for political plunge

It appears more certain now than ever that Mega Star Chiranjeevi will make his entry into the political arena. Without

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Brahmanandam’s 999 Rupayalu Matramey

A film titled 999 Rupayalu Matramey is being produced by G Navin and directed by Mahender. Brahmanandam plays the principal