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127 Hours Movie Review – Brahma Mahesh

They always say that the best in a man comes out when he is in

The Switch Movie Review

‘The Switch’: Puzzled relationships, Often we go through relationships in life, comfortable in

The Town Movie Review

Ben Affleck hit the Hollywood jackpot walking out with a best screenplay

Hrudayadhalli Idhenidhu Kannada Movie Review

A rich producer, an ad filmmaker as director, an assistant to a top class cameraman working behind the lens, a popular television anchor as hero,

Endhiran Movie Review

Man makes a machine, but the machine wreaks havoc on mankind. The onus is

Beauty And The Beast (3D) Movie Review

It is an eternal fairy tale that has had as many rebirths as the dozens of

Wall Street Movie Review

‘Wall Street’ – how greed is legal in troubled times By Satyen K. Bordoloi “Wall

Step Up 3D Movie Review

Watch ‘Step Up 3D’ for dance There are movies you watch for the plot. Some

Pancharangi Kannada Movie Review

‘Pancharangi’ an enjoyable family entertainer By V.S. Rajapur Director Yogaraj Bhat’s films are always offbeat

Crank 2 Film Review

Most films have a point, a reason why they are made. “Crank 2″ has one

Vertigo Movie Review

Vertigo Movie Review Vertigo – hangs on a prayer, not plot What makes

Preethi Hangama Kannada Movie Review

Debutant Vivek Raj has taken too many responsibilities in his first venture – he scripted

‘Bitch Slap’ – crass collection of ‘cat fights Film Review

It was a word that was censored from the Indian screens less than a decade

‘The Expendables’ – like a good old action film

Action movies once upon a time were all about simple emotions like love and brotherhood.

‘Dinner for Schmucks’ – a notch above the original (IANS Movie Review)

By Satyen K. Bordoloi Remakes are never easy. There is high expectation and the need