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Detective Byomkesh Bakshy Movie Review

First things first. Leaving a handful of filmmakers, there are hardly any filmmakers who really like to ‘risk’ their stocks

Barkhaa Movie Review

with the World Cup fever at its peak, Bollywood seems to be the one facing the repercussions

Hunterrr Movie Review

Hunterrr Movie Review

NH10 Movie Review

Anushka Sharma lights up a cigarette at a critical juncture before going for the kill. That one moment does

Shamitabh Movie Review

Bollywood is one place which is always open to any kind of permutations and combinations. Be it the casting in the films

Hawaizaada Movie Review

Indians and Inventions’, the first thing that pops in our mind is that of the legendary Aryabhatta and his invention of ‘zero’. Amidst all these great inventors and discoverers, there have been many a unsung hero, who never got their required due. This week’s release Vibhu Virender Puri’s HAWAIZAADA is one film which speaks about one such unsung Indian hero who made the world’s first aeroplane, years before the Wright Brothers. Does Vibhu do justice to this real-life unsung hero th

Baby Movie Review

Rarely you come across an Indian movie that doesn’t hit a single false note. BABY is one such film

Dolly Ki Doli Movie Review

The last few releases have been low key affairs when we take a look at their overall box office collections

Tevar Movie Review

The film begins with Agra based Ghanshyam aka Pintoo Shukla (Arjun Kapoor) who is the son of an IPS officer Satyapal

Ugly Movie Review

Ugly Movie Review

PK Movie Review

Christmas holidays, Aamir Khan brings his new film PK

Action Jackson Movie Review

Action Jackson Movie Review

Ungli Movie Review

Bollywood has witnessed many a theme (read ‘genre’) of films ever since its inception.

Happy Ending Movie Review

HAPPY ENDING starts off on a ‘happy starting’ (no pun intended here!). It starts off with Kareena Kapoor’s character (cameo) confessing

The Shaukeens Movie Review

Remaking a classic is a tough task and producers Ashvini Yardi and Ashwin Varde are sure that it will be a smooth ride when it comes to THE SHAUKEENS