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Wipro launches Eco Eye initiative

Wipro Limited has launched Eco Eye, a corporation-wide initiative on ecological sustainability. Eco Eye is Wipro’s comprehensive programme that drives increasing ecological sustainability in all its operations, as also areas of its influence.
The initiative attempts to engage with increasing levels of intensity with all stakeholders, Wipro’s own employees, partners, suppliers, customers and immediate communities. Wipro will work on the dimensions of carbon neutrality, water balance, waste management and bio-diversity.
Wipro has developed a framework for ecological sustainability that has five themes and seven goals identified for implementation. The five themes include : being an ecological surplus organisation, larger sustainability initatives beyond Wipro, profitable investments, transparent reporting, risk planning and mitigation.
he company aims to become carbon neutral, water positive organisation, achieve defined level of biodiversity footprint, set new standards in recycling waste and facilitate employees achieve a higher ecological footprint in their personal lives.

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