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Wikipedia to set up office in India

Wikipedia to set up office in India

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales said that with a view to furthering the growth of content in Indian languages, the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) will set up an office in India.

The Foundation was looking at top 10 Indian languages having mature content by 2015. So far Hindi had generated 57,823 articles, Telugu 45,963, Marathi 31,400, Tamil 25,263, Gujarati 17,142 and Malayalam 14,830. While 81 per cent of the edits received by Wikipedia from India were in English, those from local languages were increasing.

The WMF targeted at getting in the next five years 100 million unique visitors a month to the site. This would depend on Internet access in India. The WMF aimed at providing access to Wikipedia and Wikitionary in 75 per cent of the schools in the next five years.

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