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Sony Playstation3 consumes more power

Sony Playstation3 consumes more power According to a global study by a consumer group, Choice, game consoles like Play Station3 are likely to devour five times more power than medium-sized refrigerators. The results of the study released on World Environment day are meant to be an eye-opener for the lay consumer, who is slowly realizing how much a single household can contribute to the phenomenon of global warming.

Though the penetration of Playstations is restricted to urban metros in India, the study reveals that a Sony Playstation3, when switched on, but not in use, could cost almost $250 a year in electricity as compared to a refrigerator which consumes less than $50 per annum.

To encourage the industry to come up with more energy efficient products, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) is planning to make star ratings mandatory on air-conditioners soon. These energy efficiency ratings are already mandatory for refrigerators, tube lights, geysers, with more categories expected to be added to the list.

Even before it becomes mandatory for ACs, companies like Godrej Appliances have already started voluntarily rating their ACs on the basis of energy consumption. ACs, in fact, are more polluting than refrigerators. Industry estimates reveal that an AC consumes power in one month what a normal sized refrigerator would consume in one year.

Consumer durable firms are ensuring that more of their products toe the efficiency line. Star ratings determine how many kilo-watts of power a durable consumes in a year. A product labeled one star will consume 20% more energy than a two-star product.

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