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Nokia acquires social network Plazes

Nokia acquires social network Plazes Nokia, the world’s top cell phone maker, has agreed to buy social networking start-up Plazes as part of its major push into offering Internet services. Plazes provides a location-aware service that people can use to plan, record, and share their social activities.

Plazes has staff of 13, and its main operations are in Berlin. Nokia did not disclose the value of the deal. Companies such as Plazes are trying to tap into the potential for new services as more mobile phones get equipped with technology to pinpoint their location.

Nokia has said it would have dozens of such phones to offer by the end of this year.

To achieve new growth as the cell phone business is set to mature in coming years Nokia started to invest heavily in building up its presence in Internet service. It is reported that Nokia has offered $8.1 billion for US digital maps firm Navteq.

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