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Mumbai is a billionaire city

Mumbai, India‚Äôs financial capital, is the worlds’ seventh largest city in terms of billionaire population, according to Forbes, the American business magazine famous for its annual list of richest people on the globe.
Mumbai is ranked seventh ahead of San Francisco, Dallas and Tokyo, according to a list of top 10 cities for billionaires available on the website of Forbes. In terms of average wealth of resident billionaires, Mumbai comes on top of all the 10 cities with an average net worth of 7.6 billion dollars.
The Russian capital city Moscow has bagged the number one position in terms of billionaire population with 74 billionaires and New York is home to 71 billionaires. While London has 36 billionaires, Istanbul 34, Hong Kong 30 and Los Angeles 24. The US has more cities in the top 10 than any other country: four including New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and San Francisco.

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