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Lalu brand mangoes in Bihar

We have seen the Lalu brand of railways and heard Lalu brand of management lectures. Two years ago, Lalu rakhis proved to be a sellout. Last year, Lalu crackers were a big hit in the Diwali market. Holi revellers this year lapped up Lalu water spray guns. Lalu chocolates, launched in the rural pockets of Bihar, are quite popular.

Now comes Lalu mangoes. Lalu as a brand definitely sells. What is Lalu mango? It is just the good old Digha mango with a new name, but the brand is doing wonders for mango sellers in Bihar. Some bulk traders have renamed the sweet Digha mango variety after the railway minister and former chief minister, Lalu Prasad Yadav, and it is a marketing strategy that has paid off deliciously.

A sticker on each fruit carries the Lalu name and it sells for about Rs 35 per kg. The variety is grown in Digha, close to Patna. Buyers always want something new, so the traders decided to rename the Digha mango as Lalu mango. Given the popularity of Lalu mangoes, some traders are even planning to send them outside Bihar. Traders say millions of labourers from Bihar work in almost all states across India and the Lalu mango would be a hit among them.

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